Sunday, August 19, 2012


Today In math me sione koula and miss Anna did fraction by putting it into biggest to smallest. Today I no what one third is something that share Into three group and one taken out.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Oliver twist

Oliver twist

Oliver is now in London.  It was not what he expected.  He is seeing the poor side of London.  He met a friend named Dodger.  Dodger introduced Oliver to Fagin who is a very kind man.  He fed the poor boys.  
Fagin taught his boys how to steal by playing games.  Oliver was not  aware that he is supposedly meant to go and steal.

QUOTES: I WANT TO EARN MY KEEP -  I want to work and pay for what I used.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

French week 1

This week in French our learning how to greet each other in French.  Here is a convocation in English where two people are greeting eachother and translated it into French.


Translate the conversation between Roller and Mimi.
                                   Roller                      Mimi

Roller: Hello Mimi
Mimi: Hello Roller
Roller: How are you?
Mimi: I’m ok, how are you?
Roller: I’m good.

Roller:   bonjour mimi
Mimi:     bonjour roller
Roller:   ca va?
Mimi:     comiccon ca, ca va
Roller:   ca va bien

Monday, July 23, 2012

Term 3 Goals

Term 3 Goals from St Pius X on Vimeo.


On my holiday I went to the movies with my cousins and brothers it was packed of people at the theater.  Me my brother and my cousins went for a little play at the game area we almost broke the punching bag what a wonderful day.  

Wow what a interesting movie my little cousin said to my brother that he never been to a theater before he had lot of fun but when the movie was over he said he'll come with his older brother in the next holiday.  

My brother texted my mum to come and pick us up she didn't reply i started to say why can't we walk home instead they laughed at me. I said ‘what are you laughing at me for?’ they kept on laughing what kind of people would laugh at me.

Friday, May 11, 2012


I nominate my mum for the duffy award.  Because she buy me thing.   I definitely nominate my mother she cooks me dinner in the weekend.  She clean my room in the weekend and she takes me to my rugby game sometimes.  She’s special to me and I love her so much and she very special to me.

I love my mother because she’s always there for me whenever I get into trouble sometimes she tries to come up with different thing and that when I start getting into a big hiding from my father.

My mother Is always there for me because i do the dishes for her and I usually do her washing every week ends when im there.  My mother can’t speak english that much she tries her best but she’s a very hard worker and a hard cleaner.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


On Tuesday room 7 had basketball.  We were learning to dribble the ball with our hands.  And we also flipped the cone over.  and we flipped it back over again and we also picked the cone up and stack it on a pile.  Our instructor was Coach Bruce for basketball.  

We were running on the yellow line and we ran across the white lane.  It was a hot day and we were very thirsty as well. Room 7 had lots of fun today with Coach Bruce and all so Coby Daniel.  Coby Daniel was tall and he plays for auckland pirat.

Coach Bruce gave use some of his rules.  his rules were showing respect to him and to Cody Daniel.  After talking bout Bruce rules we got into four groups,We did few skills and some game just to warm up our body.   

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


On Thursday and friday we did our first activity at saint Francis. Our first activity was going around and asking kids have they been to australia. In our next activity we all made our own ark with sticks,plastic and sellotape. I had heaps and heaps and heaps of fun at saint francis but when it became dark we slept over our friends room at saint francis and we got into trouble for being noize at zeph room.

Friday, February 24, 2012


Room 7 ran to the court. A man was waiting for us. He introduced himself to us . His name is Marcel. He was going to be our instructor. It was a hot Tuesday morning.

Marcel told us his rules. He showed us some skills and sent us to choose our racket and tennis ball. When we got our tennis racket and tennis ball we practise bouncing the ball in the same spot.

The skills that we all did together was bouncing the ball on the racket by the side of the racket and then back to the middle. After that we bounce the ball in the middle we all stand in a line and we walked backward and put our tennis ball down and walked forward again.

it was a exciting day at tennis and it was a hot day. And we all hope if we do it again next time the team i was in with Siliva, Cathrine, Petelo and me. I learn a lot of stuff from Marcel......


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