Friday, February 24, 2012


Room 7 ran to the court. A man was waiting for us. He introduced himself to us . His name is Marcel. He was going to be our instructor. It was a hot Tuesday morning.

Marcel told us his rules. He showed us some skills and sent us to choose our racket and tennis ball. When we got our tennis racket and tennis ball we practise bouncing the ball in the same spot.

The skills that we all did together was bouncing the ball on the racket by the side of the racket and then back to the middle. After that we bounce the ball in the middle we all stand in a line and we walked backward and put our tennis ball down and walked forward again.

it was a exciting day at tennis and it was a hot day. And we all hope if we do it again next time the team i was in with Siliva, Cathrine, Petelo and me. I learn a lot of stuff from Marcel......


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